Design Deploy

Code generator for your applications
How it works ?

How it works

One XML file, multiple results.

DesignDeploy tool takes an XML file (= the definition of your entity), uses a configuration file and renders files of différent kind for all your application. Many themes are available to produce fast your web app (ex: CodeIgniter PHP, MySQL) or mobile (ex : Android).

The main goal ofthis tool is to save time when creating your application, on repetitive tasks to the entities. Of course, CRUDs are generated, but not only.

The code is clean, maintainable ant scalable, as will do a single developer.

All themes are scalable, open to your imagination.


All themes are source-free and money-free.



The new version of CodeIgniter 3 needs to have an other syntax on controlers declaration. This theme is based on the Bootstrap theme.



The genrated code is ready for a web app in PHP, using the Codeigniter 3 Framework and a MySQL Database. This configuration is standard on usual web hosters.

For the Front part, the Bootstrap+jQuery stack is merged with other plugins to have a better user experiment (like autocomplete) The MVC paradigm is preserved, with a "service" layer, to group business rules.
At all, 24 files are generated per entity.



The first theme for mobile apps!

It produces Python and SQLite scripts for the "Kivy" framework. You need to well know this Framework to understand dependencies between all files.

Detail of generated files

Example of the Bootstrap theme.

XML files used to generate the code:

These files are build manualy, or saved from a tool, like "specs" (see

Generated files ofer full features for the developer:

Example of screens :